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Tafnit operates in China since 1994 and has developed management & business tools together with its trained teams of expert workers to assist Western Companies to enter into the Chinese market and provide sales, in a relatively short period of time.
The cooperation with Tafnit provides major advantages to foreign companies who make their first steps in the Chinese business arena: quicker time to market, possibility to start sales with no delay period, low penetration costs.
It is a common knowledge that it takes, a foreign company, up to 2 years to gain the trust of the Chinese market and build a successful business presence. Tafnit have succeeded to change this unwritten rule for its partners and to bring them positive results in the first year of operation through its executive contacts & connections at the decision makers and with its widespread net of resellers, dealers and System Integrators.
Tafnit’s new strategy in China includes the creation of Research & Development (R&D) Centers and Localization Centers, for its Israel partners which are part of the technology oriented & high-tech industry, to jointly develop new technologies and software solutions for the Chinese market and provide an answer to the needs for localization of the English software programs.
Main Sectors of Operations:
Tafnit specializes in the high-tech fields and represents in China and the Asia-Pacific zone, major Israeli & International entrepreneurs, developers and manufacturers.
Tafnit main sectors of operations consist of the following high-tech systems & products:
Telecom – Total Telecom Solutions (TTS): Value Added Service Platform – MMS, Video Streaming, Location Base, Content Providers etc.
Voice Recognition.
IP Telecom Solutions – Broadband Access, Soft Switches, 3G Technologies.
Data Communication.
Computing Science products (software & hardware).
Software Security and other Internet related products.
Test and Analysis equipment for Data Communication Networks.
Electronics Systems.
Healthcare and Biotechnology – major operations in Clinical Trials & Central Laboratories, Medical equipments, Telemedicine, Agro-Food industry.
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||About Us ||  Strategy  || Services || Operations || Market Potential || Partners & Clients ||Our Environment ||Contact Us