Tafnit’s mission is to create business advantage for its customers by providing outstanding sales & marketing services that are results-oriented, based on high professional standards, large network of key executive contacts and a team of dedicated experts.
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Tafnit Communication Ltd. ("Tafnit") is a leading business development and international sales & marketing firm, specializing in the information technology (IT), telecom, the high-tech industry and the biomedical industry, with main focus on China, Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific regions. Click here to learn more about us and about our executive Team.
Tafnit offers 'one stop' full range operations include professional business links, sales & marketing, business development and business planning - between Western companies and the Chinese market. Click here to learn more about our business strategy.

Tafnit offers, to western companies, few solutions and operations that where successfully implemented during its recent years of operations in China: Click here to learn more about our services

Tafnit specializes in the high-tech fields and represents in China and the Asia-Pacific zone, major International companies, entrepreneurs, developers and manufacturers. Click here to learn about our Operations
Tafnit - Group of Companies
Tafnit Group is a family of independent subsidiary companies of Tafnit Communication Ltd. The Tafnit Group develops and market solutions for various segments of the Telecom, Web, VAS & Biomedical fields with special focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Each company operates independently with the guide of Tafnit top executives and under Tafnit strategic umbrella.



Case Study

We invite you to explore our organization. Here you can find in-depth knowledge of the Chinese business arena.

We have developed management & business tools together with trained teams of expert workers to assist Western Companies to enter into the Chinese market and provide sales, in a relatively short period of time.

You will be able to view our work and the flexibility of the decisions making until we have a full functional branding for you as our client.

Our Environment
Take a look at Tafnit Communication actions. Watch our people, buildings and Projects. Click here to view our pictures.

Market Potential
China is striving to close the gap in high-tech latest developments and it opens to conduct many sorts of business cooperation with western companies from purchasing their products to OEM manufacturing, Joint Ventures, joint development and localization of software or technologies, purchasing or sharing technologies etc. Click here to learn more of the Chinese market potential
Our Partners and Clients
Tafnit represents in China few of the worlds leading international high – tech oriented companies. Click here to meet our clients
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Tafnit Communications located in China, Europe and in the Middle-East. Click here to contact us.
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