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Tafnit has been helping international companies to build business infrastructures & networks around the world and directly promote their products & businesses effectively for two decades.
In the last 8 years Tafnit has been focused on the Chinese and Asia-Pacific regions, representing Western high- technology oriented companies, in China.

Tafnit operates from its headquarters - in Tel Aviv Israel, Paris France and Beijing China together with its strategic partners - TimesPower Group (China), Gedy Group (China & Hong Kong) and Bio-Inova Group (Europe & North America).

3 major Divisions of Tafnit operations in China:
Telecom (including cellular, networking and streaming media) Division.
High-Tech Projects Division.
Biomedical, Healthcare & Medical Equipment Systems, Biotechnology & Agro- Food Division
Tafnit Communication Ltd. began operations in China in 1994 and from 1998 to 2001 concentrated large part of its Chinese business activities through its daughter company Tafnit Technologies Far East Corporation Ltd.
Tafnit's Founder and President Mr. Haim Shafrir has gained its expertise over 18 years of international marketing and business development activities doing business in Europe, the USA, Australia, Singapore and in China.

Tafnit is specializing, mainly in the high-tech industries - the communication based companies and developers, the Internet (software, security, providers etc.), advanced software and the biomedical fields.
Tafnit employs in China a team of executive professional workers - skilled Chinese experts in the various fields of activities, as well as highly educated consultants and trained workers in sales, marketing, technical support and business management. In the newly formed joint venture with its Chinese partner - T&T High-Tech Corporation, Tafnit engages over 100 software & hardware engineers and system integrators all over China.

Tafnit has offices in Israel, Europe and China - a central office in Beijing, and affiliated offices in the main Chinese provinces (using its Chinese partner's branches).

Tafnit has an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese business arena, which is the fastest growing market in the world. It differs from the occidental one and requires profound specialization. It has many barriers: different business culture, unique language, the needs for personal relations in the process of doing business, the size of the country and the size of the population - all these reflects only few of the problems that a foreign firm faces when it makes a strategic decision to enter into this huge, fast growing & promising market.

The Executive Team
Haim Shafrir, M.A. studies - Corporation President & CEO (Founder). Chief Executive Operation (CEO & Co Founder) of Bio-Inova Tafnit International and Vice Chairman of the Board. CEO (Co Founder) of ON-NET – Num4Net Communications Technologies (Beijing) Ltd. President (Co Founder) of T & T High Tech Corporation. More than 2 decades in international marketing, 17 years in managing medium & big firms in Australia, Europe, North America, China & Israel.
Prof. Pierre G. Braquet, D.Pharm. & D.Sc. studies - President (Co-Founder) of Bio-Inova Tafnit Int'l and Chairman of the Board. More than 2 decades director of R&D and General Manager of pharmaceutics and drug companies in France (Merck Sharp and Dohme, Institute Henri Beaufour- Beaufour-IPSEN). Prof. Braquet serves in many universities as visiting and full professor (Georgetown University Washington DC USA, Louisiana State University New Orleans, University of Sherbrooke Canada, and more). Prof. Braquet has published more than 850 papers and is regarded as a thought leader in the field of pharmacology. He has 50 patents on his name and has been ranked #6 worldwide as top scientific producer and cited by the journal " Sciences " in 1993.
Yuval Peleg, B.A. studies in Mathematics & Computer Sciences. President and Co-Founder of ON-NET – Num4Net Communications Technologies (Beijing) Ltd. and Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Num4Net Inc. Mr. Peleg rose through the ranks of Computer Associates where he was employed from 1990 to 2001 and was responsible for numerous technical as well as sales-related functions. In his last two years, Mr. Peleg was responsible for project development and implementation as the worldwide technical leader of the Business Applications Division of Computer Associates.
Yaron Shafrir, B.A. studies, Corporation Vice President. Graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Southeast Asia Studies and the Beijing Institute of Business. Yaron has acquired fluent knowledge of the Chinese language and over 5 years experience as the Manager of Operations and Business Development of Tafnit in China & Hong Kong.
Jun (Patrick) Tu, M.D. and MBA studies (from Monach University in Australia), Business Development Director Asia-Pacific and Director of the Biomedical Division. Patrick has few years of experience in executive positions with the Sino-American Shanghai SQUIBB Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and Glaxo Wellocme China Ltd. He served as products & brand manager and marketing supervisor with expertise in marketing analysis, strategic planning and key customer management & budget control.
Yuqiong (Connie) Zhang, B.A. and B. S.M. (Science of Marketing) studies, Business Development – China Market. Connie has few years experience as an Assistant to the President of an American Petrol-Chemical company in Shanghai and marketing director of a Hong Kong Trade company in China.
Ran Adoni. Director Business Development Corp. holds an MBA degree in Business and Management of university of UK, two information systems engineering degrees (one of them is in e-Commerce) and a degree in Bio-technology (Bio-information) Studies. Chief Executive Operation (CEO & Co Founder) of R2E Consulting. Chief Executive Operation (CEO & Co Founder) of Adoni.co.il. Ran Adoni has served in a variety of progressive management roles. More than 10 years of business development and marketing. Ran also lectures for Enterprise management conceptions and methodologies in several colleges in Israel.
Henry Yu, Ph.D. studies, Senior Engineer, Vice President & CTO.
Deborah Li, BA studies, Director of Operations
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