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Partners & Clients
Tafnit represents in China few of the worlds leading international high–tech oriented companies (partial list of present & past customers):
Num4Net Inc
Num4Net Inc. is a company based in the U.S.A. with its R&D subsidiary in Tel Aviv Israel, a provider of solutions that enable Web services to be seamlessly accessed by the commonly used phone number. Its innovative service unleashes the potential of a unique and universal identifier in one’s phone number. The company’s infrastructure network extends over the 5 continents and allows all end users to reach the Web services associated with a particular person or business simply by keying in the appropriate phone number from any Internet-enabled device. The solution is being offered to telephone and wireless companies as a value-added service for their existing and new subscribers. The service is also offered for quick integration to content providers such as portals and search engine directories. http://www.num4net.com
Infogate develops and markets software infrastructure solutions for on-demand content services over broadband networks. The Virtual Content NetworkTM is an end-to-end solution for seamless introduction of added value content services, facilitating the interaction between broadband Access Providers and Content Providers and marking the beginning of a new era of technological solutions for on demand broadband content in a multi-participant environment. Infogate Online is a privately held company and a member of the RAD/Bynet Group. Among the major shareholders are Bezeq, Israel's PTT and the RAD/Bynet Group. www.infogateonline.com
Infogate Online Ltd
Scanvec Amiable Inc
Scanvec Amiable Inc. – Scanvec Amiable is the recognized global leader enabling the professional graphics industry in creating innovative and cutting edge displays. Scanvec amiable is publicly traded on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board of NASDAQ. Scanvec Amiable offers complete and professional solutions for the Sign Making, Digital Printing and Machining & Engraving Industries. http://www.scanvecamiable.com
BioShaf Ltd. is a privately owned Biotechnology company, founded in 1998. BioShaf has developed recently innovative, cost effective quick diagnostic kits for SARS. The company is involved, in the last years, in the development and production of innovative medical diagnostics system for testing body fluids and cells, utilizing an advanced commercial laboratory instrument – the Flowcytometer (FC). BioShaf’s first product line is a complete and automated one-step infertility diagnostics system for both male and female. In less than two hours, the system identifies causes for infertility accurately and decisively. The system predicts success for fertilization treatments, identifies causes of early abortions, and provides the physician with a clear and detailed printout of the test results. www.bioshaf.com
BioShaf Ltd
Aerotel Medical Systems Ltd

Aerotel Medical Systems Ltd. - specializing in medical diagnostic devices for continuous long-term monitoring, a leader in the Telemedicine field using the Transtelephonic Diagnostic Equipment. The "Heart Line" Transtelephonic ECG Technology places cardiac patients a heartbeat away from effective and prompt medical intervention. Aerotel state-of-the-art medical monitors provide a complete health picture by enabling patients and physicians to conduct routine medical parameter monitoring from the comfort of their home or office. Simple one-step procedures, the monitors automatically transmit data over the telephone line to the receiving station through an advanced, state-of-the-art communicator. http://www.aerotel.com
Nomad Access Inc.
Nomad Access Inc. is a company incorporated in the U.S.A. with R&D facilities in Israel, a leading provider of advanced and innovative radio resource scheduling, QoS management, and traffic engineering solutions for all cellular technologies from 2.5G and onwards. The company's products include a software radio resource scheduler that substantially increases the capacity of cellular networks and enables dynamic QoS management, as well as a PC-based, traffic engineering and network optimization tool. Another product is a radio level monitoring system that enables real-time monitoring of the performance of the radio network. Nomad Access has assembled a highly experienced team with extensive knowledge in a wide range of fields including wireless communication, propagation theory, operation's research, con trol theory, prediction models and software engineering. http://www.nomadaccess.com
M.S. SilkTec Ltd
M.S. SilkTec Ltd. – initiating and managing a JV with the world leader – Chinese leading Industrial Corporation using innovative Israeli technologies.
Radware Ltd
Radware Ltd. - a member of the Rad Group (traded on NASDAQ), provides the world's finest Load Balancing solutions for Internet and Intranet applications. http://www.radware.com

Wizcom Technologies Ltd

Wizcom Technologies Ltd. is the world leader in providing hand-held scanning and recognition technologies. The company develops, manufactures, and markets a line of intelligent, easy-to-use, mobile electronic products for the linguistics, educational and IT markets (“Quicktionary”). The products, developed by a multi-disciplinary R&D team comprised of experts in image processing, image acquisition, linguistics and algorithms, as well as functional hardware design, include proprietary high-quality image acquisition and image processing technologies. WizCom's products are manufactured in Israel and in China. The company is listed on the Neuer Markt stock market in Frankfurt, Germany. To date, over 700,000 WizCom products have been sold in more than 35 countries. www.wizcomtech.com
Radcom Ltd. - a member of the Rad group of companies (traded on NASDAQ) is active in China in the marketing and technical support for network protocol analyzers. Radcom offers a complete range of innovative internetworking WAN, LAN and ATM test and analysis equipment for data communication networks. The company’s protocol analyzers are used in the development and manufacture of network equipment; the installation of networks; and the ongoing maintenance of operational networks to facilitate real-time identification, diagnosis, isolation and resolution of network problems. www.radcom-inc.com
Radcom Ltd
Optical Access Ltd. - MRV

Optical Access Ltd. - MRV (former: NBase – Xyplex Communications Ltd.) - a daughter company of MRV - public company traded in the USA on NASDAQ (MRVC) - manufacturers of advanced wireless communication, switches and fiber optics for data communication & fast Ethernet, a leading provider of high-speed networking solutions. Tafnit and Optical Access have signed major sales and OEM agreements of the value of millions of US$ with few of the top Chinese Communications Corporations. The main activities in China are in wireless connectivity, high speed network communications and fast gigabit Ethernet installations. http://www.opticalaccess.com

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd
(Nasdaq: MGIC) is a leading provider of application development technology and business solutions to corporations worldwide. Magic customers include thousands of solutions providers and enterprises in approximately 50 countries supported through Magic's global network of branches and distributors. Magic Software also provides related consulting and professional services, education, and technical support. http://www.magicsoftware.com
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