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About TiG – Tafnit Investment Group (Consortium of Real Estate  Investors, Contractors & Developers)

Tafnit Investment Group (“TiG”) is a China-focused investment consortium in real-estate & general contracting, headquartered in Beijing (China) with three offices in China & one in Israel, mainly focuses on the Chinese real-estate development market. TiG is active throughout China, concentrating on long-term real estate investments, contracting and construction management. TiG is dedicated to quality in all aspects of property management and financing of residential, commercial, high-tech parks & recreational real estate, including land assembly, construction, project management & leasing.

Tafnit Investment Group has put together a pre-eminent team of consultants whose top talents in investing and managing real estate large projects have lead to most successful results.

TiG offers ’one-stop-shop’ full range services including locating Chinese partners, conducting market research, raising investments for real estate projects, establishing & operating real estate joint ventures, conducting mergers & acquisitions in the Chinese real-estate scenery. 

Tafnit Investment Group (TiG) Mission

TiG’s mission is to create business advantage for its clients by providing outstanding consultancy that is results-oriented, based on high professional standards and a team of dedicated experts.

Tafnit Investment Group (TiG) Advantages

TiG was created based on the insight that China is the ideal investment frontier for growth-oriented investors & entrepreneurs in real-estate, and that doing business successfully in China requires unique expertise including knowledge about the way the business community and government agencies work in China, as well as a thorough understanding of what makes things happen in China, and most important, knowledge of Chinese culture. TiG possesses these unique qualities for success and the expertise needed for succeeding in China.

Significant understanding of China: TiG Executive Managers have gained vast experience in developing & growing companies in China since 1994 - for the last 13 years. They are holding & operating few Chinese - Israeli joint ventures in various fields including a venture capital (VC) investment fund. 

TiG uses the connections, the business tools and the networks that were developed by their Executive Managers in their dealings with the Chinese business in the private & the public sectors.

TiG operations are conducted from its 3 major offices in China: in Beijing, Shanghai & Shenzhen.

The cooperation with TiG provides major advantages to a foreign company that commences operations in the real-estate arena in China: quicker time to market, faster ROI, possibility to start its business with no delay period and relatively low penetration costs.

To achieve the above-mentioned goals, TiG offers, to the Israeli real estate entrepreneur, few solutions and services that where successfully implemented during its recent years of operations in China:

(a)    Proprietary real-estate deal sourcing opportunities: TiG has broad coverage with 3 locations in the Chinese regions of real-estate excellence (Beijing, Shanghai &  Shenzhen) and with 6 additional throughout China. TiG has established many    close relations with provincial and municipal government leaders and        executives who control large projects for real-estate developments.

 (b)    Establishing a ‘Front Office’ in China for the real-estate Israeli company that will deal directly and locally with all the business contacts & the development of the local Chinese real estate market.

 (c)    Using TiG Business Development Team (BDT) to provide a ‘door-opener’ to top Chinese projects, locating potential local partners, supplying of basic & in-depth information, conducting market survey, etc.

 (d)   Conducting investor relations and marketing strategic planning.

 (e)   Establishing of JV (Joint Venture) or any other entity (e.g. WOFE – Whole Owned Foreign Enterprise) with Chinese partners.

(f)    Faster ROI -  TiG is focused on projects with high potential of gains and on  cooperation with successful and reliable business partners with established reputation and positive records in the industry.

 (g)   Using top legal and tax Chinese & Hong Kong firms to get the optimal conditions of conducting their Chinese business.

Market Potential

The Chinese business arena is the fastest growing market in the world with a booming economy (GDP annual growth between 9%-10% in the last years) and still with a low rate of penetration - which means a huge potential for the real estate business in the coming years.  

However, to do business in China is different from the ways we use in Israel and in the Western countries and that requires profound specialization. It has many barriers: different business culture, unique language, the needs for personal relations in the process of doing business, the size of the country and the size of the population – all these reflects only few of the problems that a foreign firm faces when it makes a strategic decision to enter into this huge, fast growing & promising market.

 TiG Team

TiG Management Team consists of professionals with extensive investment and operational experience and with a successful track record. Each one of the team members has unique areas of expertise bringing operational experience and market understanding both in China & in Israel as well as in other parts of the Globe.  

Michael (Micha) Vigderhouse


 Mr. Vigderhouse has gained many years of experience as a business entrepreneur in real estate and in other fields, in the USA, Europe, China & Israel. 

 Among the major investments and establishing of companies: 

 In 1997 Mr. Vigderhouse established a real estate company - Power Equity LLC, which had invested in projects in Long-Island NY, USA

 In 2000 he established a trading company in Sunde (south China) by the name of New-Horizon Inc. This Company owned, among other operations, a large Shrimps Farm in south China (in Yintian) that he later sold to foreign investors.

 In 2004 Mr. Vigderhouse was nominates the Managing Director and became, as well, the shareholder of Direct Capital Investment Ltd. - a company traded in the Israeli stock exchange.

 In 2005 he establish a real estate & investment company in Kazakhstan - Pacific Z.A Inc.

 Mr. Vigderhouse is graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in International Relationships.  


Haim Shafrir


 Mr. Shafrir has 20 years experience in executive management positions of medium and large size companies in Israel, Australia and Europe, and an additional 13 years experience in growing and developing Israeli, European and US companies in China.

 During the last 13 years in China, Mr. Shafrir has been highly involved in the set-up and executive management of JVs and has conducting several M&As. Mr. Shafrir has gained vast experience in establishing industrial & high-tech entities in China and embedding state-of-the-art Israeli technologies within Chinese tier one companies. Mr. Shafrir has developed a wide-ranging network of contacts and personal, close relationships with top Chinese executives in the government, various provinces, cities and the private sector.

 Mr. Shafrir co-founded CIVC – China Israel Value Capital (VC Fund) as a Joint Venture (JV) with Shenzhen Capital Group (an Evergreen VC Fund founded by Shenzhen Government with about US$ 400 million in capital). He was also the co-founder of few companies in China among them a Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) Company   in China and served as a director.

In 1990 Mr. Shafrir founded Tafnit Communication Ltd. as a business development and international marketing consultancy company, in which he holds the position of Chairman.  Between 1986 and 1990 Mr. Shafrir worked at the headquarters of Drucker Zecharia Enterprises (at that time the largest Israeli real-estate entrepreneur) as one of the CEO of their international marketing and sales company.

Mr. Shafrir is a graduate from the University of West Australia in Social Sciences and M.A. studies in Management.


Ilan Elizur

Managing Director - Israel

 Mr. Elizur Lived and worked in London for a period of 6 years. He served as a Development Consultant for real estate companies allocating properties in England for increased value.

 Mr. Elizur specialized in residential and commercial yield properties

 Mr. Elizur is active in TGG Consulting Company (in Tel Aviv) in locating properties and development in China for international real estate companies. TGG also handling joint ventures with local Chinese real estate companies and international companies.

 Mr. Elizur is graduated from the University of Greenwich (England) in M.A. studies in architecture.


Yaron Shafrir

President – China

 Mr. Shafrir is an expert in channel development in China, primarily within industrial large projects, the communication industry, software and the electronics industries and has gained extensive experience in executive management of high-tech companies in China over the last ten years.

 Mr. Shafrir has held the position as Tafnit's CEO since 2002, and prior to that served as the Director of Business Development in Greater China at Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. from 2001 to 2002. He was the Chief Representative and General Manager for China and Hong Kong of Tafnit Technologies Far East Corporation Ltd. from 1998 to 2001, and in 1996 was Vice President of Business Development & Marketing of Tafnit Communications Ltd., in charge of the establishment of Tafnit's operations in China and Hong Kong and leading special projects in this area.

 Mr. Shafrir has a full command of the Chinese language (Mandarin) and he is graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Southeast Asia Studies and Geography, and holds a Diploma from the Beijing Institute of Business in Beijing, China.


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