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Market Poatential
China has just win the 2008 Olympic Games for Beijing and just recently joint the WTO (World Trade Organization). In the first event China will invest more than 20 Billion US$ for the preparations. With these two matters, China continues to expend and develop its economic and business environment in the coming years.
As for the high-tech arena - according to the new five-year plan, China will exert greater efforts to develop broadband information networks across the country and the IT products manufacturing industry, in a bid to accelerate the development of the national economy as a whole.
In the next five years, China’s information technology (IT) industries will double its size to make the country a top telecom market and leading IT product maker worldwide.
The IT industry in China will maintain a 20-26% yearly growth rate through the coming 5 years. Thus China will become the world leader in both the fixed-line and mobile telecom fields by the end of the period.
Telephone coverage will reach 40% with total telecom subscribers surpassing 500 million by the year 2005. By that year there will be 40 million computers connected to the Internet. The number of Internet users will increase from 22.5 million at the end of 2000 to 200 million by 2005.
The revenues from telecom & postal field will reach 1,000 billion Yuan (US$121 billion by 2005. Exports of electronic information products will reach US$ 100 billion by 2005. Revenues from the electronic information product-manufacturing sector will reach 1,500 billion Yuan (US$181 billion) with income in the software field reaching 250 billion Yuan ((US$30.19 billion).
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