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Mission Statement
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited. is a multi-continental Central Laboratory Services and Clinical Trials Corporation, founded in 1998 by Dr. Pierre Braquet President & CEO of Bio-Inova Life Sciences Int’l and by Haim Shafrir President & CEO of Tafnit Communication Ltd.
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited specializing in the Chinese arena and offers ’one stop’ full range operations between Western Pharmaceutical Companies and the Chinese hospitals, medical staff, government healthcare institutions, government and provincials officials.
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited has facilities in P.R. China, Europe, North America, Middle East (Israel and Turkey), and partnerships in Australia, Russian Republic, South Africa and South America].
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited Life Sciences Int’l and its mother Companies has more than 10 years experience in conducting Central Laboratory operations and Clinical Trials for multi-state studies including USA, Canada, Europe (in most of the states in Western and Eastern Europe), Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa and China.
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited has placed a special focus on Quality for its activities in the laboratory:
ISO17025/EN45001 accreditation, LSPQ accreditation, ISO 9002 certification, IATA certification (for transportation of biohazards goods),
Proficiency testing participation to the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and Center For Disease Controls (CDC), National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP) Surveys.
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited’s mission is to create excellent services and thus business advantages for its customers by providing outstanding Central Lab operations and consultancy that is results-oriented, based on high professional standards, accurate methods and equipment and a team of dedicated experts.
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited Operations in China
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited performs in China:
Central lab operations (sample centralization, biochemical and hematological analyses, hormonology, microbiology or immunological assays…)
Clinical trials operations & services
Telemedicine projects (ABPM, ECG, Holter)
Bio-analytical assays using GC/MS, LC/MS, LC/MS-MS, EIA, RIA
Through the expertise of his scientific staff, Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited has developed a panel of assays in particular areas such as Metabolic Syndrome (including diabetes and dyslipidemia), infectiology, oncology and immunological disorders.
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited has developed a strong proprietary data base architecture and develops specific software tools dedicated to central laboratory, e-medicine and clinical activities.
Bio-Inova Tafnit International Limited operates in China from its central offices in Beijing and in cooperation with the laboratories of the only private recognized hospital in China - Beijing United Family Hospital.

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