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Tafnit Communication Ltd. began operations in China in 1994 and from 1998 to 2001 concentrated large part of its Chinese business activities through its daughter company Tafnit Technologies Far East Corporation Ltd.
Tafnit’s founder and President is Mr. Haim Shafrir. Mr. Shafrir has gained its expertise over 18 years of international marketing and business development activities doing business in Europe, the USA, Australia, Singapore and in China.
  Tafnit Offices- China
Tafnit is specializing, mainly in the high-tech industries, the communication-based companies and developers, the Internet (software, security, providers etc.), advanced software and other specified High-Tech fields.
Tafnit employs in China a team of executives professional workers - skilled Chinese experts in the various fields of activities, as well as highly educated consultants and trained workers in marketing, sales and business management. In the newly formed joint venture with its Chinese partner – T&T High-Tech Corporation, Tafnit engages 170 software & hardware engineers and system integrators all over China.

Tafnit has offices in Israel and China - a central office in Beijing and Hong Kong, and affiliated offices in the main Chinese provinces (using its Chinese partner’s branches). Tafnit’s headquarter in Beijing is located in the main high-tech district.
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||About Us ||  Strategy  || Services || Operations || Market Potential || Clients ||Our Environment ||Contact Us